Accessible Garden


Your task is to design a fully accessible garden space for a couple. The pair of them love to spend time in the garden socialising with friends as well as weekends outside gardening. The only issue is the husband is in a wheelchair.

You need to work out the design for their garden taking into consideration the fact it needs to be wheelchair accessible as well as suitable for what they will use it for. The garden space they have is 5m by 10m and it is a totally flat. But remember if you make anything raised it will need to be accessed by ramps.

This can be done on paper drawn to scale or on computers if they are available.

Want More?

Pair up or in small groups to discuss the designs you have come up with as well as the design issues you came across. Alternatively you could compare your individual designs to similar gardens you can find online.


If you have internet links to your pictures or work in response to this task please comment below.


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