New App


Your task is to come up with a brand new app for smart phones. You need to come up with the concept for what your app does and how it will work. Not only this, but you need to create a bold eye-catching logo that you will click on to launch your app.

You can complete this task on paper or on computers if they are available.

Most of you will have smart phones or have apps as part of the technology in your life so you will be aware of what is out there. You can use this to help you if you are struggling to come up with an idea or to look for a gap in the market and you can come up with something totally original.

Want More?

You could sketch the main screen or key pages of the app you have created to give a more visual explanation to your app and how it works.


If you have internet links to your pictures or work in response to this task please comment below.


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