Perfume Brand


Your task is to create a new brand of a perfume or aftershave. Think about what you would want your new scent to smell like and what it would look like. You are to design the name, a logo, the bottle shape and colour and give information about smell and price.

This can be done on paper or on computers if available. But get as much information and detailed sketches to put across your ideas as possible.

Want More?

Create the female perfume to go with your male after shave or vice versa. Make it the same brand and logo but one for males and one for females.

Or create a proper full size label for you aftershave and/or perfume with all the relevant features and parts you would see on a perfume/aftershave label.

CL & LM 2013 - TV SPOT&POS Movie - 70sec

If you have internet links to your pictures or work in response to this task please comment below.


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